The Lobster Starship

About Us

What began as a 24 hour improvisational recording session has turned into five studio albums of experimental fusion with a jazzy twist. Inspired by the creative antics of acts like Primus and Frank Zappa, Sebalan have continually molded their sounds into a flurry of instrumental guitars, and offbeat lyrics.

Seeking a creative outlet that wasn’t limited to his solo musings, Alan Danger sought out a writing companion that shared his humor and love for all things weird. That partner was found in Sebastian Alarcon, a romantic who understands that diversity in music is the only way to be enlightened by it.

Though Jazz at its core, calling Sebalan Jazz would be far from truthful. With a penchant for exploring genres, they’ve brought in several outside artists to form a collective backing band known as The Lobster Starship. Together, they’ve set their sights to the future, and have begun working on their sixth studio album.

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